Witch Ghost Dog Clone

Tovar, a world steeped in magic, run by witches, and at the beginning of its industrial age is connected to New Jersey through a portal large enough to encourage trade and tourism between the two worlds. One of the primary attractions in Tovar is Madame Lacha’s traveling carnival and in particular, the Living Dead Girl. When a boy band from Earth comes to see the terror show, our zombified heroine tries to impress her famous crush and accidentally conjures the ghost of a dead sea-witch… who decides to kill the Living Dead Girl if she doesn’t steal a full-grown domesticated dragon, flee the carnival, and finish the ghost’s unfinished business.

Meanwhile over on Earth, Yellow is just one of a set of nine identical clones striving and sabotaging each other’s uniqueness. When the trials of shared identity become to great, Yellow finds and frees Webster, a miniature-schnauzer giving exceptional intelligence due to the scientists’ experiments, and the two escape the lab where they were created.

Fate brings these three together and they embark on a quest to satisfy the ghost. Pursued by mad scientists, blind witches, and werewolf pirates, the three must find a place that may not exist and sew up a tear in reality before it swallows both their worlds.

Click on the character for the start of their story.

Witch indiGhost Indi

Dog IndiClone Indi












Artwork by Red Handed Robyn

About Read Gallo

Hiya, I’m just a writer working on the daydream. I cannot be held accountable for what I create or destroy when the moon is full. So if you don’t want a portal between Fairyland and New Jersey, or Bread-Bugs the size of trucks to be getting all romantic over NYC, or a repeat of the Vermont Incident… you know what, maybe I should stay inside. I write romance, horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Sometimes all at once. Usually with bold female characters. Like in my current story, Witch Ghost Dog Clone! Things I like: The Decemberists, Emily Portman, Musicals Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, and Cressida Cowell Superheroes, Pirates, and Witches

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